Timeless is a new Loymina collection designed for those who are actively engaged in contemporary reality. The latter often creates offbeat situations that accordingly demand of us appropriate decisions.
The brand-new collection abounds in energy of our humdrum where projecting opportunities is even more significant than taking advantage of them.
Timeless is created in such a way that you take on the role of the coauthor which makes it possible for you to try out at your pleasure each of the ten designs.
Parametric modeling, digital design and graphic abstraction are the most popular trends of the contemporary design which formed the backbone of the collection.
Timeless can be neatly characterized by the citation of the outstanding artist  of the 20th century Jackson Pollock: “…total control… denial of the accident… organic intensity… energy and motion...”.
The new collection comprises two designs created in homage to the renowned artist. The texture of this wallcovering resembles Pollock’s painting technique called “dripping”.
There are eleven color variations in Timeless that are sufficient for implementing one of the five color schemes unanimously adopted by the designers all over the world: monochromatic, analogous, complementary, graphic and split (Terence Conran “Essential Color”).
Alongside with the comprehensible color range, the spick and span collection introduces the goluptious tints and hues of miel, olivâtre, châtaigne, menthe, etc.  
Josef Albers, a famous German and American artist and designer of the early 20th century, once said: “My red is not now, nor will it ever be, the same as yours”. The similar concept is revealed in Timeless. You will be able to create your own style variation since some color combinations may evoke timeframe associations, both historic and those referring to human life cycles.
Try your best with the novelties of the Timeless collection!

Длина рулона(м):10.05
Ширина рулона(м):1

Длина рулона(м):10.05
Ширина рулона(м):1

Длина рулона(м):10.05
Ширина рулона(м):1
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