The new wallcovering collection Equilibre by Loymina makes everyone deeply engrossed in the world of color compositions reposed on continuous tone transitions.

Artists call this technique a “wash drawing”; graphic designers term it a “gradient”, while stylists and interior designers use the word “ombre” meaning “umbrous” or “shaded”.

The spick and span collection allows for combining and interchanging the colors, as well as for joining the gradient stripes both vertically and horizontally.

Follow your bliss and the gradient compositions will certainly appear in their full splendor!

In terms of associations the Equilibre collection dramatically strikes the right balance between natural and artificial principles.

The Ombre division consists of seven colors that can easily be combined with plains and designs, which triggers such visual images as the Mediterranean coast, a chilly summer night, a medieval town square or the sun with its rays breaking through the wildwood.

The vermiculated design Maree instantaneously brings to mind such sights as sea waves, sand dunes, plumage and air flow.

The Regolith design comprises bold and unconventional color combinations tinted with pearl and gold. These hues dredge up various images of moon soil, luminous marble, quicksand and underground caves.

The Torrent design is a type of vertical stucco conveying either ascendant movement like spurts of  flame or  descendant motion like sunlight fluxes.

The Illusion design is a complimentary motif representing itself in an ultramodern digital pattern of  the  nanotechnology era.

The collection designs are catalogued in a truly balanced and coherent order.

Equilibre is unique not only in its designs and colors evoking associations with different materials, but also in their combinations within the collection color divisions.


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