The CACHEMIRE wallcovering collection is an autumn gift to all the customers of Loymina. Five motifs — Wool, Knitted Fabric, Ribbon, Chestnut Leaves as well as Cashmere — will bring coziness, warmness and mood of the winter holidays into your home.

The cashmere pattern entitling the collection is an unusual combination of two classic motifs of the world art — Damask and Paisley. This pattern evokes the images of cashmere wool, and of damask silk with golden and silver threads, and Scottish jacquard from Paisley.

The distinguishing feature of the CACHEMIRE collection is that the priority is given not to patterns but to the finest coloristic nuances. You need to invoke pictorial and literary terms to name them all.

By varying depth and height of repeats, by emphasizing hand painting effects by means of paints’ structure the authors of the new collection have succeeded in transferring different colors onto the surface of the wallcovering: the color of Scandinavian lakes, of fog and sugar, of opal and cupronickel, foam-white, brond, gris de lin, flesh color and even noir de pêche!

It is the sky’s being so grey
that makes the ground begin to shine:
the meadows with their timid green,
the plowed fields dark as black bread.
The words from Tomas Tranströmer’s poem “November with Nuances of Noble Fur” create the feeling of mystery and at the same time — the feeling of calm, quiet, deliberateness, standoffishness.

The CACHEMIRE collection reflects the latest worldwide design trends which will still be in fashion for a long time.

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