Satori vol. II

If it were a mood, then it could be appeasing, meditative and romantic. If it were a touch, then it might be warm and caressing, healing and comforting, sensitive and sincere. If it were memoirs, then they would be kind, nostalgic and inspiring. If it were a color, then it would be named as follows:

«Sakura» – blend of white, pink or lilac

«Browse» – light blue-green

«Mallow» – blend of green and mauve

«Willow» – combination of yellow and green

The answer to this pun is an updated collection Satori which is unique in its textures and colors. The collection comprises more than 110 articles including 5 patterns which represent a new Blossom design implemented in pastel shades and graphic black and white colors. The rest of the articles are pure backgrounds perfectly matching all types of wallcovering created by Loymina. When developing the collection, the designers were guided by the two principles of vivid pictorial harmony: blend of the hues close to the primary color and the combination of the three primary colors and their tints within a certain color range.

Длина рулона(м):10.05
Ширина рулона(м):1

Длина рулона(м):10.5
Ширина рулона(м):1

Длина рулона(м):10.5
Ширина рулона(м):1
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