Satori vol. IV

Forest is one of the most favorable images in interior design since trees are the image of harmony and peace according to the postulates of Feng Shui.

On the tip from the designers of Loymina, the image Bamboo Forest has found its way into the Satori vol. IV collection.

The Satori vol. IV collection is based on the principle of vivid harmony implying the combination of the three colors: yellow, red, blue and their tinctures within a certain color range. Concordant and balanced tints of the entire color spectrum prevail in this collection.

Satori vol. IV is the compilation of the plains from Loymina’s previous collections which makes it convenient both for experienced designers and laymen to find a matching pattern. In consequence of the wide color range of this collection you can easily choose a plain to match the main motif, the very zest and highlight you have been hunting for.

In the context of a rapidly growing urban environment, one aspires not only to build an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility at home but also to create confortable and safe living conditions. Owing to the environmentally-friendly raw materials used in all Loymina collections, you can set your own forest in any room, even in the one intended for babies.

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